Real Madrid 2x0 Bayer Leverkusen 15/5/2002.
who can forget this moment ? when real madrid get champions league unbelievable goal by "Zidane" record Breaker, history maker.
 - Los Galácticos

Ricardo Kaka 22

The Warrior Képler Pepe 3”


football meme » four legends [2/4]

Zinedine Zidane; as cannes, bordeaux, juventus, real madrid, france nt

He thinks in one second and does it the next. He is a special player, one who is original and exceptional. He creates space where there is none. Only the very best players can do that. No matter where he gets the ball or how it comes to him, Zidane can get out of trouble. His imagination and his technique are amazing. - Edgar Davids

Karim Benzema "2

Sergio Ramos [ HQ ]

Real Madrid: the only club in Champions League history to score 6 away goals on German soil and the first to reach 25 goals in the competition’s first 7 matches.

real madrid club de fútbol

"Cristiano Ronaldo" is the most successful player in the world , best player IN 
2008 , 2013 , he’s ambitious never end .